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"We Give All The Freebies!"


I started SEO/SES (search engine submission) & FFA (Free For All advertising) services for cash check and/or trade in the year 1998 and had my website hosted on and

The name webstars2000 was carried over to buying the domain name in 1999 while learning CGI programming for websites. I eventually incorporated the name Webstars International INC. in which was dropped later on (It was not needed as the recognized brand is my own name and various domain names).

The same SEO services were offered on webstars2000, but I also offered PTC (ptc is also much older than some may know!), ezine solo ads, traffic exchanges, mailer safelists (I also own since January 15th Year 2000) and was one of the handful of pioneers of safelist mailers. Back then it was very hard to run them because sending massive amounts of emails was not a known thing! So losing your servers was a common thing and you had to go with another dedicated server company.

In 2005 the name was updated to to the present time.

I still also own numerous sites. They are all listed on the main website webstars2k. The entire thing has paid out $100,000's to my members who choose to advertise their referral urls. I have some members who are still with me since the beginning for a reason!

Today I am a PHP programmer, web designer, graphics designer, 18 year history website owner and internet marketer.

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